A Lilikoi Girl

The fish I named after my ex died last night. I feel nothing. This is good. 

I have way too many pictures of my ex (I don’t know what to call him cause he was a non committal douche but this sums up something) 

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Unpopular opinion these days:

So I know its supposed be fine to love your curves and your fat but I hate it. I think its gross.

I have been heavier for a lot of my life and I find it disgusting. I hate that my arms just expand when my arms are down by my sides, I hate that I have fat that I can pull and it giggles. 

I don’t find my stomach fat something to be celebrated, It looks horrible. It just reminds me that I have failed my body in giving it the best food I can give it and not moving enough. To the fact I am addicted to sugar. 

I don’ think it should be celebrated at all. I think people should be comfortable in however they want to look but I don’t want to look like this. I don’t want to feel like this. 

Oh cross trainer you kick my ass!! 

I have started to drink way more water than I had been in the past so that makes me happy. I need to mix cross trainer with walking though if I want to see results, I don’t think I will be any different in SA but I want to at least make a start and continue it. 

I still plan to climb the mountain as well this summer! I haven’t been up the mountains in ages I will bring my go pro and see what I can do :) 

Yay for summer all I am doing is exercising and reading and good stuff YEAH!! 

Imma blast someone for a second! I am so angry I apologise to any calm person reading.

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Somedays are harder than others. 

You feel the weight of how the one person you trusted, fucked you over

and you feel worthless and useless. 

But it gets better, theres a big world out there.