A Lilikoi Girl

The Great Nebula in Orion (made with Crossley Reflector, top) and The Great Nebula in Andromeda (made with Crossley Reflector, bottom), by James Edward Keeler, 1900 (x) (x)

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This week has been way too emotional. It still hurts, there is so much I want to shout and get mad at but it won’t do anything. I told him it would be like this and he said it wouldn’t. He was the one who sad we’d play it by ear. Now that it’s up to him to be in my life he will never try.

The worst part is I knew he would do this and I still let him ruin 3 years of my emotions. He has had this happen to him but doesn’t realise he’s done it to me, or does he not care?

I hate that I’m dwelling on this and I hate that my feelings for him haven’t changed. I feel like such a fucking whinge.


Bryan Nash Gill, woodcuts.

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